A perfect barbecue structure must satisfy both aesthetic and functional demands.
A combination of quality materials is required to achieve these results. For our barbecues we use:

  1. Cement fix
  2. Mass-coloured cement mix
  3. Marmotech

This is the secret of a product that is sturdy, practical and requires very little maintenance.
In other words, a product that will give you the pleasure of many a barbecue!

Cement mix

Consisting of a mixture of prime- quality cement, aggregates and refractory materials. Our cement mix barbecues are supplied unfinished together with a painting kit. They must be coated with the special wall paint supplied that is particularly thick, waterproof and protects the barbecue from the elements and wear.

Mass-coloured cement mix

Some of our barbecues are made of mass-coloured cement mix. These do not need to be painted but, once the barbecue has been assembled, just coated with a protective, transparent liquid which is included in the kit delivered together with the barbecue.


A mixture of granulated marble creates an innovative material with very high thermal resistance, that doesn’t require a finishing coat of paint. It is sufficient to apply our transparent protective liquid. It is available in two versions with a particularly velvety feel: with a polished, grey granite effect (A) and with a polished, red granite effect (B). Almost all our barbecue tops are made of Marmotech.


For real professional grill masters it’s the functions that make the difference. That’s why our barbecues are designed to be functional in every detail.

A double firebox in strengthened refractory material

Some of our models feature fireboxes strengthened by a double wall and natural, rear ventilation which is ideal for those who use their barbecue often and prefer wood to charcoal.

Strengthened grill area

Those who like to use their barbecue frequently and prefer wood to charcoal are obliged to choose products with a strengthened grill area to withstand the heat produced by a log fire. That’s why some of our models features a grill area with a refractory floor and insulated padding.

Metal hood guard

It strengthens and protects the hood from the heat of the wood combustion fumes for a barbecue that you can expect to be by your side for a long time.

Fast-Fire box system

A special ash pan with an air flow that improves charcoal combustion and makes cleaning easier after the fire has gone out.

Rear or side firewood loading

To load the firewood more safely and make cooking operations easier. Available for some selected models.

Firebox with side brazier

To completely exploit the grill area without wasting an inch and to cook in total safety, shielded from the reflected heat of the fire. The side brazier also makes it a lot easier to continuously produce hot coals for the entire duration of the cooking process.

Gas barbecues

Gas barbecues

Our gas barbecues are made entirely of stainless steel.


All our wood and charcoal barbecues comply with the UNI EN 1860-1 regulations.
All our oven floors comply with the regulation in force regarding contact with food (CE 1935/2004).