Where sould i put
my barbecue?

Even a small barbecue must stand on a large, compact base, preferably made of very stable cement, to keep your feet dry in any season.

For safety reasons and to avoid frequent smoke issues, the barbecue must stand at a distance of at least 6 metres from trees, buildings or other vertical obstacles.

How can i assemble
my barbecue?

You will find an assembly kit with your Palazzetti barbecue that includes all the materials required to install it and to apply any finishing touches as well.


  • Any minimal differences in thickness between the various parts are inherent in the nature of the material the barbecue is made of and must be corrected when it is installed. To assemble and even out the parts that will not be in contact with the heat, use THE MORTAR INCLUDED IN THE ASSEMBLY KIT. For the parts that will be in contact with the heat use the EASY FIX ADHESIVE SEALANT THAT IS ALWAYS INCLUDED IN THE ASSEMBLY KIT.
  • If the firebox is made of various parts, place the grill between the 2 side panels before securing them and wait for them to set before moving onto the other steps.
  • The refractory barbecue floor slabs must be placed inside the firebox but not fixed to it: do not use high- resistance or quick-set cements or very strong adhesives!
  • Wait for the barbecue to dry (at least 4 days) before painting it. Use at least two coats of THE QUARTZ- BASED, WATER-REPELLENT PAINT SUPPLIED WITH THE ASSEMBLY KIT ON THE EXTERNAL PARTS.


To assemble a mass-coloured barbecue follow all the instructions already provided and use MORTAR AS WELL AS THE EASY FIX ADHESIVE SEALANT. At the end apply the TRANSPARENT PROTECTIVE LIQUID SUPPLIED IN THE KIT. In this case too, before using it wait for the barbecue to dry (at least 4 days) and heat it slowly and gradually the first time.


  • Prepare the parts to be installed, re-drilling the holes that house the threaded rods.
  • Spread the ceramic fibre sheets over the top and then stand the oven parts on top of them without fixing them.
  • The oven parts have a groove in their edges: insert the ceramic fibre cord and attach it using some drops of adhesive. Join all the parts together using the stay rods and tighten them moderately.
  • To install the cast iron door use the specific screws and apply a layer of the adhesive supplied between the frame and the front of the oven.

Important note

Once assembly is complete apply the sticker supplied as prescribed by the UNI EN 1860-1 standard in force that all our barbecues comply with.

Ignition must always be slow and gradual until the barbecue is uniformly heated.

Any micro-cracks do not alter the functionality of the product.