How to clean your barbecue
depending on the type?

Wood and charcoal barbecues

To avoid bad flavours due to the accumulation of grease and food, the barbecue must be kept clean of cooking and combustion residues at all times. On top of this, wood and charcoal burn well if there is good air circulation so remember to remove all ash and residues from the barbecue floor slab and from the ash pan.

Gas barbecues

To preserve your steel barbecue at its best it is advisable to clean it after it has cooled down and each time you use it. Empty the drip tray and wash it with hot water and detergent. The removable parts must also be washed separately with hot water and detergent and rinsed under tap water.

Clean the stainless steel parts with specific products and don’t use aggressive substances or abrasive detergents. It’s unadvisable to use a metal scouring pad because it may promote the formation of rust.

For stubborn dirt, you can use one of the spray detergents designed to clean ovens and grills commonly available on the market. Burners can be cleaned with a soft-bristle scraper. Grills and lava stone slabs can easily be removed and cleaned each time they are used but after they have cooled down.

How to clean grills and griddles

Stainless steel grills and lava stone slabs must be cleaned while still hot using brushes, metal scouring pads, sharp scrapers or broad knives to remove the grease from the surface. Other residues on the grill must be cleaned using water and a detergent after it has cooled down; the lava stone slab must be washed down with water and rubbed hard with kitchen paper.

Periodic maintenance of your barbecue

Cement barbecues are subject to wear as a result of use and of the weather.
You can quickly repair yours with our specific Easy Fix sealant and our paint. Easy Fix et la peinture spécifique.

How can i protect my barbecue
from the cold during the winter?

To protect it from bad weather conditions and frost in the winter we suggest you cover your Palazzetti barbecue with the specific Cover you can find amongst our accessories. Some models are also provided with wheels to make them easy to move around and to put them in a sheltered, dry place.