Different people.
 Different tastes. All brought together, thanks to a barbecue!

Andrea has chosen a wood barbecue in cement:

  • so that he can use all the cooking techniques requiring a log fire
  • because he can choose from lots of models in different sizes and with different features
  • for its resistance and durability
  • because it can be added to over time, becoming a real outdoor kitchen
  • because it comes with an assembly kit

Alice has chosen a gas barbecue in stainless steel:

  • for its compact size and moderate weight
  • because she can use it on her terrace
  • because it’s easy to move around
  • because it’s practical to use and easy to cook on

Lorenza has chosen to add Cookie kitchen modules to her barbecue:

  • because she wants a real outdoor kitchen
  • to have more space to cook on
  • to have more appliances to cook with
  • to gain practical storage space
  • because it is a customised project
  • because she can add to the kitchen over time

Karim has chosen a direct-heat wood oven:

  • because of the unmistakable flavour and aroma of the food
  • to cook a traditional Neapolitan pizza